About Central Hotels & Apartments

Central Hotels & Apartments since 1996

Central Hotels & Apartments was founded in 1996 by Edward Sam-Sadeen Oudraogo of blessed memory.

With 42 rooms at Ridge Hotel and 26 apartments at Osu Aparthotel, as well as boasting a creative workspace solution for the rooms. The hotel and apartments with their sizeable room dimension, are fully in line with the lodging needs of tourist and business executives from the ’90s to date.

A place that runs on familial heritage, Central Hotels & Apartments is now managed by Ayimana, Selma and Sherif Sam-Sadeen. The new management’s commitment to continuing the legacy of the founder has led to a property facelift as well as the hotel’s rebranding. 

The markedly multinational Lamaniya Restaurant   is their newest addition to the comprehensive list of ongoing projects.

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