Leisure at the Hotel

Are you looking to relax by the pool, or would you like to indulge in a culinary feast until the sun goes down?

Maybe you’d like to grab a drink after a long business meeting? We’ve got you covered.

pool terrace things to do at central hotels


The Central Ridge Pool Terrace sits in the middle of it all and is easily accessible from all major points of the hotel – the rooms, restaurant and conferencing area.

If you need to relax after a long day and watch the sun go down or just want to enjoy the sun with your family, then the pool terrace is the perfect place for you. Relaxing and conveniently placed to make your stay at Central Ridge all the better.

things to do at central hotel ridge gym and fitness center


Discover a unique pamper or health experience with our wellness and fitness center. Relaxation requires a body and mind that’s at ease. That’s why no stay at Central Hotels is complete without a little pampering. Enjoy a massage or cosmetic treatment performed by our certified professionals.

All of our guests have access to the Ntayaa Wellness and Fitness Center. Here you can have a relaxing massage after an intense workout. After putting your body to work and your mind at ease, you’ll know the true meaning of leisure.

Lamaniya central hotels restaurant


Our lounge is a perfect place to meet or enjoy some refreshments, or whist rushing out to the office or to unwind after a busy day.

We’ll take you on a journey through culinary experiences. At Lamaniya Restaurant, you will find a  delectable creations from around the country, with an international flare. Enjoy a  culinary experience filled with unforgettable tastes and flavours , delighting your senses. Perfect for any occasion.